Shuffling Music videos on AppleTV

I made some of my own Music Videos and put them in iTunes, but found that my AppleTV wouldn’t shuffle these when selecting the Shuffle option in the Music Video section.

After some investigation I found this is caused my an option set for each individual file in iTunes itself.

To fix this find the music video in your iTunes library and right click (or control-click) the file and choose ‘Get Info’.

From there go to the ‘Options’ tab and deselect the ‘Skip when Shuffling’ option and click OK.

Things to note:

If you sync your iTunes library to your Apple TV (as opposed to streaming) you will need to resync after making these changes

You can do this to multiple Videos at once by selecting them all and then right clicking (or control-clicking) ‘Get Info’. The process is the same except you may be asked if you would like to work on multiple items at once. Also when you reach the options tab you will have a slightly different layout and will need to check the ‘Skip when Shuffling’ option and choose ‘No’ from the drop down box.

As always, I hope you find this useful and if you come across any problems, would like to share any further information or even if this just helps – please leave a comment below.

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