FTTN Trial Nodes – We’ve got nothing

Power status for Epping per last Senate Committee

Senator CONROY: My main point is that it is going. Last time we spoke, Mr Adcock noted that the Epping FTTN trial had been further delayed due to issues with getting power to the nodes. How is that progressing? Do you have power to the nodes in Epping?

Mr Adcock: We have power to one node, but it is inappropriate. That is why we are working with the power authority down there, SP AusNet, to come up with an unmetered power solution.

Senator CONROY: At this stage, you have no nodes that are in working order for yourself.

Mr Adcock: We have one node in Epping.

Senator CONROY: You said it was inappropriate.

Mr Adcock: We have no nodes that are currently accessible.

Senator CONROY: How long is the Epping trial delayed? When do you hope to have that completed?

Mr Adcock: On the process that is going through at the moment with the node that is still empowered, they are now doing throughput tests with an independent authority so they can get a very firm view of what the power consumption is and then strike an agreement for unmetered power.

Senator CONROY: So is it a week or a month?

Mr Adcock: Like you, I have been involved in negotiations with telecommunications companies and power companies. It will be as soon as possible.

Mr Morrow: To say anything more than that is a guess

Excuse my french, but holy shit.. how is the node trial going? Whats that? you have a single node powered? and that node was powered “inappropriately”. This is going great.

From the Committee Meeting Minutes.

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