Physicists have developed an ultra-fast laser that could drastically speed up our internet

“While the fastest lasers typically need several nanoseconds for one cycle our semiconductor nano-laser only needs less than a picosecond and is therefore a thousand times faster,“ said Carsten Ronning, one of the researchers involved from the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, in a press release.

This would have worked really well with FTTP.

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Opposition challenges Turnbull to release NBN corporate plan

“In 2010, Malcolm Turnbull introduced a bill into the House of Representatives demanding that NBN Co release its business case,” Mr Clare said.

“Now in government he is refusing to release the corporate plan.”

“If Malcolm Turnbull is good to his word he will release the NBN Co corporate plan that is sitting on his desk,” Mr Clare added.

The article also goes on to mention that the Telstra negotiations are yet to be completed and TPG’s FTTB plans may impact NBN Co’s plans. It’s all going so very well.

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Low-paid Queensland workers’ wages slipping below inflation

It comes as a record number of Queensland homes – 25,305 – were disconnected from their electricity supplier in 2013-14 because they could not pay the electricity bill.

This is more electricity disconnections than the previous record in 2010-11, when Queensland was hit by floods and natural disasters.

Sadly. this really doesn’t surprise me, things like power bills are going through the roof and wages aren’t increasing. I guess the rich will keep getting richer, so its all good?

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Australian Senate Introduces Laws To Allow Total Internet Surveillance

New laws due to be passed in Australia allow intelligence agency ASIO to spy on domestic internet traffic like never before. The Sydney Morning Herald reports: “Spy agency ASIO will be given the power to monitor the entire Australian internet and journalists’ ability to write about national security will be curtailed when new legislation – expected to pass in the Senate as early as Wednesday – becomes law, academics, media organisations, lawyers, the Greens party and rights groups fear.”


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NBN Co to reveal broadband mix in weeks

However, Morrow warned it would not be reliable as a basis for property buying decisions.

“There will inevitably be changes in a decade-long process, and there will be no guarantees that NBN Co can make even if we put a forecast out for six months or 12 months [that says] these are the homes that are next on the list,” Morrow said.

The fact I should have to decide where to live based on the connection type stinks. Its always been pot luck with ADSL. The point of a future proof NBN was that everyone was on a fairly even playing field. FTTP for over 90% of Australia was a nice dream..


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Turnbull fooling nobody but himself on NBN Co FttP savings

“There is no evidence FttP or fixed-wireless costs per premise are declining,” Turnbull said in a speech dated September 18, apparently choosing to ignore the revelation that implementation of the Labor-era “Project Fox” — a process-improvement program stewarded by former CEO Mike Quigley and enthusiastically embraced by current CEO Bill Morrow — had been reported to have reduced the average cost of a fibre install by around AU$315.


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Turnbull reflects on ‘killing the dream’ of NBN ‘fibre fanatics’

A year into the job, Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he is worried that some believe every Australian town can be a Silicon Valley with fibre to the premises, as he insists there is no money being saved in the fibre rollout.

Turnbull says there is no money being saved on the Fibre rollout, the NBN Co Chairman says there is.

“Sometimes I fear that every mayor in Australia thinks the project will turn their town into Silicon Valley. People with perfectly good broadband connections today — for example, over HFC — have been brainwashed to believe that their world will be changed forever if they get fibre to the premises,” he said.

I’ve only used a few HFC connections but they weren’t great. Upload speeds were abysmal. Download speeds depended greatly on time of day and your neighbours use of the network. A full fibre connection would fix these things, FTTN will also help to some degree. FTTP is all about opening doors and providing the potential for new technologies, not just making current technologies faster.

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Quigleys Project Fox still saving NBN Co money on fibre: Morrow

Last week, NBN Co downplayed a report of an internal presentation of a trial of cost- and time-saving methods used in the Victorian suburb of Melton that saw the rollout completed in 104 days, with more than 90 percent of premises serviceable 61 percent faster and 50 percent cheaper than previous rollouts, according to a Fairfax report.

Sounds like things were turning around and real efficiency gains were being made prior to the decision to go to the MTM. Its kind of sad to think FTTH could have been rolled out much quicker given a bit more time to optimise the process.

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Australian digital film prices ‘cheapest in the world’

Foxtel and AHEDA blasted Choice’s research results.


Telstra, which owns 50 per cent of Foxtel, recently said it supported the [piracy] crackdown.

Choice don’t seem to agree – I’m sure the truth is somewhere in the middle.

I just can’t get over how the movie/tv industries are so blind to what ails them. People are pirating this stuff for a reason, especially in Australia. Surely they can’t be completely blind as to why this is happening.

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