Turnbull reflects on ‘killing the dream’ of NBN ‘fibre fanatics’

A year into the job, Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he is worried that some believe every Australian town can be a Silicon Valley with fibre to the premises, as he insists there is no money being saved in the fibre rollout.

Turnbull says there is no money being saved on the Fibre rollout, the NBN Co Chairman says there is.

“Sometimes I fear that every mayor in Australia thinks the project will turn their town into Silicon Valley. People with perfectly good broadband connections today — for example, over HFC — have been brainwashed to believe that their world will be changed forever if they get fibre to the premises,” he said.

I’ve only used a few HFC connections but they weren’t great. Upload speeds were abysmal. Download speeds depended greatly on time of day and your neighbours use of the network. A full fibre connection would fix these things, FTTN will also help to some degree. FTTP is all about opening doors and providing the potential for new technologies, not just making current technologies faster.

Full Article over at ZDNet

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