We Need To Talk About Upload Speeds

It’s pretty ridiculous that I can get superior speeds with a handheld battery-powered gadget connecting wirelessly to a tower an entire kilometre away than I can through the physical line running directly from the phone socket in the wall to a Telstra exchange down the road, isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, I love mobile data — and I use plenty of it — but what it does best is throw into sharp relief the fact that the wired parts of Australia’s internet stretching into people’s houses haven’t exactly kept up with the times.

Upload speeds as they stand are a joke currently, and if FTTN pans out the way most expect it to, it will continue to be a joke. Under FTTP we could have easily upgraded to 1000/400 and had some serious bandwidth available – both up and down.

via We Need To Talk About Upload Speeds | Gizmodo Australia.

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