One week, two corporate plans, three strained NBN Co execs

There’s something very deer-in-the-headlights about watching senior NBN Co executives front up to a Senate committee to explain their progress — and I use that word in its loosest meaning — in converting the National Broadband Network (NBN) from something ambitious yet imperfect into a leap of faith that should more appropriately be called imaginary and imprecise.

One almost felt a pang of sympathy for the three visibly uncomfortable NBN Co executives who fronted up to the usual grilling — about the plan they have been charged with executing against logic, common sense, and commercial reality — with the usual cadre of difficult concessions, incomplete answers, and deferrals to put questions on notice. Grab some popcorn, and watch the session for yourself.


It’s hard to know which is more interesting: That the NBN Co 2014-17 Corporate Plan readily admits that we still know almost nothing concrete about this government’s multi-technology mix rollout, or that a leaked final version of the never-released 2013-16 plan suggests the previous government was indeed getting its act together.

This is what I was suspecting when reading about project fox a few months ago, things were vastly improving under the Labour roll out leading up to and just after the election. The new plan for the “multi technology mix” seems to be a complete mess.

via One week, two corporate plans, three strained NBN Co execs | ZDNet.

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