The NBN twilight zone

Speaking at CommsDay NBNRebooted held on November 17 Communications minister Malcolm Turnbull addressed the issue of National Broadband Network (NBN)-related complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) when he stated “this is why the NBN Co is forecasting it will increase the number of serviceable premises in brownfield areas from 67 per cent of the total premises passed to 81 per cent of premises passed.”

This startling admission that 19 to 33 per cent of premises will not be connected to the NBN as the rollout passes through an area is clearly unacceptable and Australians should wonder why Turnbull has not directed NBN Co to reduce the figure to 0 in recently commenced rollout areas and to remediate 100 per cent of premises that have been classified “service class 0” within one or two weeks of a the rollout being completed in an area.

Excellent NBN coverage from Business Spectator

via The NBN twilight zone | Business Spectator.

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