NBN Co to add HFC areas in 2015

“We believe the network is in adequate shape,” Morrow said.

There were currently 1.7 million homes in the HFC footprints already have lead-ins, reducing the cost of connecting to the NBN in those areas, with 1.5 million without. Morrow said that it would be a “one- to-two hour job” to connect those premises, because most HFC was above ground.

For multi-dwelling units in the HFC footprint without lead-ins, such as apartments, he said it may make more sense for NBN Co to instead roll out fibre to the basement.

The HFC networks will have DOCSIS3.0, something Telstra and Optus have already implemented, to ensure that the networks could offer up to 100Mbps, Morrow said. Steiger said there was “no immediate driver” to roll out DOCSIS3.1 for even faster speeds.

Even if, and thats a big even if, the HFC network is in decent shape (doubtful) of course they won’t roll out DOCSIS 3.1 – anything that costs more money and makes their “star” FTTN technology look slow is not going to happen. Same reason I doubt we will see any 1000/400 (or even lower) speeds made available on the FTTP connections.

This MTM implementation is a complete mess and it’s inexcusable. What a waste of tax payers funds.

via NBN Co to add HFC areas in 2015 | ZDNet.

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