We want to accelerate NBN rollout: Bill Morrow

Senator Conroy put it to the committee that the current HFC networks were unlikely to deliver broadband speeds of 70 megabits per second and questioned their suitability to deliver broadband, voice and pay TV at once – known as triple-play services.

Mr Steiger conceded that the company did not have enough information from Telstra and Optus to make a judgment about the expected download speeds on the network.

Mr Morrow interjected: “I think we’ve looked abroad at many of the HFC networks to know what upgrades are necessary within Australia depending on what the condition of the Optus and Telstra networks are and we know roughly what speeds we should be able to provide to the end users and those speeds are substantially greater than what many people think.”

Looking at other countries implementations will sure give us an indication of what is capable, but not all networks are created equal. I think I’ll have to watch all of the senate committee meeting, sounds like it was an interesting discussion..

via We want to accelerate NBN rollout: Bill Morrow.

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