NBN 2.0 takes a big punt on HFC

In response to a question from Senator Cameron, Mr Krishnapillai, was clear:

“Yes, there are significant capacity and technical advantages of a pure fibre-to-the-home network over an HFC network…. It [HFC] has significantly higher numbers of shared componentry between the customer and the exchange. That puts some limitations in terms of possible speeds.

Clearly, a fibre network is superior in terms of delivery of performance and numbers of people on those networks at one time. So, although you can say, as I said beforehand, you can get up to 100 meg. speeds on HFC networks, generally that is only if there are small numbers on those shared networks. As soon as you start getting volume and scale, there is a curve, if you like, whereas fibre networks effectively have much, much higher capacity for large numbers of people.”

So the HFC is OK as long as not many are using it.

No comment needed, last line says it all.

via NBN 2.0 takes a big punt on HFC | Business Spectator.

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