NBN Co’s gaze returns to Telstra’s South Brisbane fibre

In 2011, Telstra moved to replace its copper network to around 20,000 homes in the South Brisbane area with fibre optic cable following an agreement with the Queensland government to close the South Brisbane exchange and sell the land to the government for a new hospital.

Telstra offers a wholesale product for the network, and has always been of the view that it may potentially sell the network to NBN Co once completed. The two companies began negotiations in 2011 over the potential sale of the network to NBN Co, but never reached a deal prior to the 2013 election.

I’ve been wondering when this would come up again. This would be an easy win for NBN Co to get another 20,000 customers on the NBN. It would also be a win for the customers to be able to actually choose their ISP. And of course it will be a win for Telstra, because apparently 11 Billion dollars doesn’t cover an exchange in South Brisbane.

via NBN Co’s gaze returns to Telstra’s South Brisbane fibre | ZDNet.

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