NBN Co talks up potential of HFC, wireless

“We are going to ensure that DOCSIS 3.0… is universal across the network.”

NBN Co trials using DOCSIS 3.0 have achieved speeds of 376Mbps down and 49Mbps up.”

Now that’s great in itself, but the good news behind this is that’s not even using all of the spectrum bandwidth that’s available on these coaxial cables that we will use, so that number will go up,” Morrow said.

An eventual upgrade of the HFC network to DOCSIS 3.1 “is going to take it to a far different level,” Morrow said. DOCSIS 3.1 trials have shown gigabit speeds, he added.

There are only limited gigabit offerings in Australia, the CEO said. “The fact that we’re going to be able to do this with our HFC network the fact that that HFC network is a far lower maintenance element than any of the other metallic-based, copper delivery services is good news for the consumer,” he added.

“The fact that we’re getting this asset virtually for free from these two carriers means that that cost per premises element on this super-high-speed, easy to maintain, good product is going to be good for the taxpayer.

Sorry? “Virtually free?” NBN Co paid Telstra 11 Billion dollars for their copper network which includes the HFC network. Hardly free.

However, If NBN Co can get DOCSIS 3.0 running at the mentioned speeds with little all no contention on the line and with little investment spent on the upgrade this is genuinely exciting news. I know of people who have no choice but to use HFC.

Via NBN Co talks up potential of HFC, wireless – Computerworld.

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