NBN Co fibre-on-demand product due this month

The idea of a user-paid, fibre-on-demand scheme has been supported by the current Australian government for some time. In February 2013, then-Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull backed the idea and highlighted BT’s similar rollout in the UK.

“I don’t see why you wouldn’t do that. If you can offer fibre on demand, and the reason you’ve got that is you’ve got in these modern [full service access networks], you’ve got ports that are capable of supporting GPON and VDSL,” Turnbull said. “And so if you’ve got a customer that wants fibre for whatever reason, then there’s no reason, technically, why you shouldn’t make it available.”

However, in the time since Turnbull made those comments, BT Openreach increased its prices for an on-demand connection by up to £2,625 (AU$5,158). In its January 2014 price increase, Openreach said it would begin charging £300 (AU$590) for a fibre upgrade for a premises that is less than 200 metres from the node, right up to £6,125 (AU$12,037) for a premises close to 2km from the node.

I wonder what the limit will be per node? assuming only n amount of Users can switch to fibre per node. Will they guarantee speeds or will this cause contention on the node? Will definitely be following this one closely. A bit rich that some have to pay for a service that has been rolled out to others using tax payers dollars previously.

via NBN Co fibre-on-demand product due this month | ZDNet.

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