Wrong time zone on your iPhone

Here in Australia many of our states have just kicked in to day light savings time. This involves setting our clocks one hour a head.

Unfortunately, my state doesn’t participate in this ritual, and I woke at what I thought was 4.30 am to find it was actually 3.30 am

To fix this, you need to go to the ‘Settings’ app and then select ‘General’ and select ‘Date & Time’.

If you have ‘Set Automatically’ turned on, turn this off. You will now be able to select a Time Zone.

Set your relevant time zone and then turn ‘Select Automatically’ back on.

Your phone will now keep your phone up to date an use the correct time zone.

Shuffling Music videos on AppleTV

I made some of my own Music Videos and put them in iTunes, but found that my AppleTV wouldn’t shuffle these when selecting the Shuffle option in the Music Video section.

After some investigation I found this is caused my an option set for each individual file in iTunes itself.

To fix this find the music video in your iTunes library and right click (or control-click) the file and choose ‘Get Info’.

From there go to the ‘Options’ tab and deselect the ‘Skip when Shuffling’ option and click OK.

Things to note:

If you sync your iTunes library to your Apple TV (as opposed to streaming) you will need to resync after making these changes

You can do this to multiple Videos at once by selecting them all and then right clicking (or control-clicking) ‘Get Info’. The process is the same except you may be asked if you would like to work on multiple items at once. Also when you reach the options tab you will have a slightly different layout and will need to check the ‘Skip when Shuffling’ option and choose ‘No’ from the drop down box.

As always, I hope you find this useful and if you come across any problems, would like to share any further information or even if this just helps – please leave a comment below.

SMS Send Issue on iPhone

If You’ve ever received the dreaded exclamation mark when trying to send an SMS on an iPhone (which is usually accompanied by an error such as “Error Sending Message” you should try checking your Message Center Number is correct for your mobile carrier.

I have a Dell Mini 9 Laptop with built in HSDPA modem using Vodafone (AU) but also an iPhone 3GS with Optus. While trying to diagnose an issue I switched sims, and somehow my iPhone kept the Message Centre Number for Vodafone – Even while my Optus sim was present in my iPhone.

I tried reseting the Network settings as suggested on some sites, and even resorted to Restoring my phone (effectively wiping it) however this didnt fix the issue.

The following shows how the issue was resolved.

Step 1 – Check the Message Centre Number

Go into the phone app, and choose the keypad. Enter the following:


and hit call. You will receive a message such as:

Setting Interrogation Succeeded
Service Center Address

The message above indicates the MCN is for Vodafone when it should be Optus.

Step 2 – Change the MCN

To change the MCN you enter the following into your keypad as done previously:


Replace the x ‘s with the MCN for your mobile provider (See resources below for a world wide list). You can enter the + symbol by holding down the 0 button.

In my case, I was changing from vodafone to optus. Optus advises on their support page that their MCN is +61411990001 , so I would key in the following:


Followed by the call key.

You should now receive a message such as:

Setting Succeeded Service
Center Address
No Address

You can now try send an SMS. If you continue to have issues, please repeat step 1 to confirm your MCN has been entered correctly. Failing this I’d advise you call your mobile provider to run through other options.

Further Resources:

SMS Message Server Worldwide List (MCN List)

Optus SMS Troubleshooting


Please leave a comment if this resolved your issue, or if you have any further solutions to this problem. If you are having similar issues and have found a solution, please post the solution you have found.

iPhone 3G wifi connection issue


There appears to be some issues connecting an iPhone 3G (possibly other Apple iPhones & iPod Touch products using the new 2.0 firmware) to certain Wifi access points.

So far these issues appear to be limited to those using Linksys WAG54G V3 routers.

When attempting to join a wireless network, you receive an error saying “Unable to join network” followed by the name of your access point (SSID).


There are 2 known solutions to this problem.

1.     Update the firmware to the latest version

From my post on the Mactalk.com.au forums:

Okay, I’ve upgraded the firmware on my Linksys WAG54GV3 and can confirm this has resolved the issue

I logged onto my router’s admin page and confirmed I was running version 1.0.22. Went to this link and selected Version 3.0 from the drop down box.

I then downloaded the firmware listed on the page (Firmware Annex A, version 10.0.46 Date: 2/07/2008 Size: 4.51 mb)

The actual firmware filename is called: WAG54GV3-U2-AnnexA-ETSI-v1.00.46-code.bin

I then logged back into my router and went to the Administration tab, and selected Firmware Upgrade and selected the file and clicked upload.

Waited for about 3 – 5 minutes for the firmware upgrade to complete, the router rebooted. My SSID was labelled the default (linksys) and there was no encyrption on by default. So i changed the SSID and turned on WPA2 and everything is working now

2.   Change the Wireless mode to B only

A New Zealand user from the Apple Discussion forums (link) advises that you can also resolve this issue by changing the Wireless Network Mode on the router to 802.11B only. This can be achieved by going to the administration page on your wireless router and then clicking the following menu items: Wireless -> Basic Wireless Settings.

From there select B Mode. The draw back to this is that all devices are only able to connect to the network at B speeds.

The same user came back and confirmed they had gone to the Australian site and installed the firmware on their router and this also resolved the issue (even though the firmware wasn’t available in their country – New Zealand).


Mactalk.com.au forum post

Apple Discussion forum post

Linksys Australia Website


Please leave a comment if this resolved your issue, or if you have any further solutions to this problem. If you are having similar issues with a different router and have found a solution, please post the brand and model and the solution you have found.